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Is this shop’s service safe?

Yes, our shop opened in 2007 and it is famous for where the most beautiful ladies are working in Tokyo. The shop has been picked up by media too ( We will never ask for more than the prices offered on the site. We hope you to feel at east and enjoy your night in Tokyo.
Q,Can I pay by credit card?

A,It will be cash only.
Q,What is the service?

A,SEX is prohibited.
Women massage naked.
We will also service with hands and mouth. (Sumata)
Q,Are you all Japanese?

A,YES、100% Japanese.
Q,Can women speak English?

A,I will use the mobile phone translation application.
Can foreigner call for a service?

Where can I take a reservation?

Please use “LINE” or chat service on the site. We do not correspond to a call in English.
How long will it take for a lady to arrive?

Mostly between 30 to 60 minutes after the reservation.
How much is the service?

60 minutes – 35000 yen

90 minutes – 45000 yen

120 minutes – 55000 yen

180 minutes – 75000 yen
Do I need to pay extra chips to the lady?

Can I use foreign currency for the payment?

Only Japanese Yen is allowed.
Does the service include having sex?

Having sex is banned by the law of Japan so it is prohibited in all the shops.
What exactly the services are?

The lady will give you services with hands and oral service, without clothes, and you can kiss and touch too.
Can the lady speak English?

A little. Also there is a translation software that can be use.
What should I send to take a reservation?

Please send the following details:

The time you want

Name of your hotel

Room number

Your name

The time of the service (e.g. 90 minutes course)

Names of your preferred ladies
If the security of the hotel is strict and you can only take the elevator with the card key, what should I do?

We will contact you when the lady arrives so please pick her up at the lobby or entrance of the hotel.
How much is changing to a different lady or cancelling the reservation after meeting the lady?

8000 yen will be charged for any cases (although we will serve you with a nice beautiful lady so please feel in ease).
Can I call in Yokohama?

Sorry our shop only service in Tokyo.
Can I ask for services even I am from the travel agency?

Yes, we are sure you will enjoy it.

Our shop is official delivery health.

You must follow the rules.

You can not insert into a pussy.

SEX is prohibited. It is prohibited by law.

It is not possible to cancel from the arrival of the cast

Please enter the shower room with cast.

If you do not join, cast does not serve.

Robbery is also forbidden.

Please observe the playing time

When CAST does not leave the room even after the playing time

We will add automatic extension fee.

Example 30min 20,000 JPYEN

When you break the rules,

We will stop the service immediately.
And legal actions such as police and trial do.
Of course we do not refund play fee.









如果时间过去甚至1分钟,将自动延长。 30分钟20000日元



How to use our service
Usage instructions – Tokyo VIP can have its ladies perform the services for you at any hotel or home in Tokyo.
As we are only able to service our customers in the Japanese language, be sure to make your reservation by filling out the reservation form.
In the reservation form, you must write down you name, the name of the hotel where you are staying and the room number.

However, if your coordinator is proficient in Japanese, we can accept reservations over the phone, too.

Please feel free to contact us at any time.

If you use our service at a hotel near Shibuya
  1. Please email us the reservation form at least 2 hours before the play time.
  2. The cast member will arrive at the hotel in about 10 minutes.
  3. Enjoy the play.
love hotel, city hotel, or home within the 23 wards
  1. Please email us the reservation form at least 2 hours before the play time.
  2. The cast member will arrive at the designated place in approx. 30-40 minutes, although it depends on the traffic condition and which area the place is in.
  3. Enjoy the play.
Delivery time after we receive your phone call
Shibuya hotel district: approx. 10 minutes  Shinjuku and Shibuya: approx. 30 minutes  Shimbashi and Ueno: approx. 40 minutes
As the delivery will be made by car, the time of arrival may vary depending on the traffic and other conditions. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Delivery can be made to
City hotel, love hotel and home               
Prohibited matters
  • If you wish to extend the play, please inform the girl of your intention.
  • As we will take the responsibility to dispose of your personal information, please rest assured that it will not be used to make sales phone calls or passed on to a third party under any circumstances.
Prohibited matters
  • Customers who are in high school or below the age of 20
  • An attempt to meet with the girls directly without going through Tokyo VIP
  • Use of our service by a person who is associated with an organized crime group, or a person we deem to be associated with such group
  • Forcing the girls to perform an act that is being refused by them (i.e., play involving sex toys, etc.)
  • Sexual intercourse or negotiation to have sexual intercourse, etc.
  • Use of our service by a person who has a sexually transmitted disease, or a person we deem to have such disease
  • Use of our service by a person who is drunk and disorderly
  • Use of our service by a person who is under the influence of narcotics such as illegal drugs
  • Taking photos, whether openly or secretly, using a digital camera, mobile phone, etc.
  • Engage in play in a room where there is another customer
  • Act of scouting, mediating, saying abusive words to, or stalking the girls
  • Customers who do not obey the rules concerning the prohibited matters Precautions

We do not refund any fee payment under any circumstances.
Please understand that Tokyo VIP does not offer any discount of fees under any circumstances.